Work it: How not to suck at a job interview


I have considered hiring someone given that I find that perfect person, for an independent worker like myself there has to be good chemistry and the whole meeting at the wavelength thing, kinda like true love but better. But before one can find that, the initial interview process really needs to work out, otherwise it can get pretty ugly. Here are some tips from my point of view and experience, of the kind of people I’d like to hire vs. the kind of people I would never hire.


You must present yourself as someone an agency (or in my case, just Me) would want to hire! Here’s how:


1. Show up on time or at least 5 minutes before time. I hate waiting for people


2. Please be well groomed. That means wear nice clothes, make sure your hair is tidy and wear deodorant - When you look good, you feel good and therefore you perform well. Tried and tested! You don’t have to decorate yourself like a christmas tree or an eid ka bakra, but still - look crisp!


2.1: YOUR HAIR. For boys, CUT IT, the hero look is so 20 years ago, for GIRLS: Tie it up neatly or brush it


2.2: Make sure you don’t come to an interview smelling of pan, supari and/or anything else that would put off the interviewer.


Carry a breath mint or gum if need be. It costs less than 100 Rupees.


3. When applying for a job in an agency, make sure your portfolio is


a) ACCESSIBLE. I don’t want to follow a billion links just to see mediocre work, it’s only worth it if you’re spectacular.


b) CATEGORIZED - How do I know what is a poster, what is a print ad or what is just random photo editing if you have everything botched up into one album with no description, no client info, no brief overview?


4. If you’re past the first step of the interview process and you’ve been called for a trial. Please come alone and not with a parent. It’s not professional and makes me wonder if you are cut out for the job


5. ASK me questions to understand my company better


6. Let me see your unique personality


7. Do NOT be afraid to voice your mind. No one likes sheep


8. When entering a job for the first time, assume everything you already know from books is useless. There is nothing like first hand experience even if you have a quadruple masters in everything.


I’d love to change the perception of young professionals of Pakistan, however, most of them I’ve met, make it really really hard.

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