TVC Review: The world at your table

Concept: “The world at your table”


Short and simple! Just the way I like it. It might not be a concept of the year but it’s really really refreshing to see a great balance of simplicity and animation. Very clear cut, very catchy and very cute.


More than that, the message is precise, the product is showcased perfectly but not overbearing and not annoying. I could watch this ad over and over and not get irritated.


The direction was brilliant, the production was super, the effects were fun and not overdone, the actors did not overact (thank God!) and all in all, a great accomplishment.



I do hate the awful fonts they’ve used though but that matters not when everything else is a home run.

Well done  Chatkhaar , I can only hope that other small brands jump on the creative bandwagon. 

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